Sanitation and updated covad-19 protocols

Safety is a priority and we hold high standards of sanitation:

In addition to adhering to government and public health guidelines; we are significantly increasing cleaning regiments both in terms of frequency and depth. The steps outlined within this document are mandated for the operation of any Kona Ice unit to protect the Kona Ice brand, body, and customers.

Please keep in mind that there is never a time when our product has to be touched by our employees.


  • Check with your local, county, or state health department to determine whether you are permitted to sell. Make note of any particular requirements that your local, county, or state health departments have implemented.
  • Review OSHA Guidance: Guidance on Preparing Workplaces for COVID-19 (note this is also inked under “Other Resources” on the National Restaurant Association website).
  • All units serving the public must be deep cleaned and sanitized using the Microshield360 system.  This 2-step process kills over 90 pathogens and protects against  future contamination.


Required Protocols:

  • Close the Flavorwave  - All Flavorwave must be closed until a date to be determined. There is no self-serve option.
  • Ensure there is an ample supply of hand soap, hand sanitizer and paper towels available.
  • Handling Cash:  Take exact amount only, do not give change.  Collect cash using a container  that the customer can easily drop in their money. Credit Cards:  Use a card reader holder allows for no-contact transaction.
  • KEV is cleaned vigorously and frequently.  While in service, all surfaces and customer-facing areas are disinfected frequently.

  • Servers must be gloved, replacing gloves frequently with hand-washing in between.
  • Adherence to all social distancing rules and directives must be strictly enforced during the process of serving. 


Employee-Specific Prevention Protocol

  • Prior to each shift, the employee’s temperature is taken. Any temperature above 99.6 constitutes sending that employee home and following the CDC guidance using the CDC’s   “What To Do If You Are Sick With Coronavirus Disease”.
  • Prior to each shift, the employee is asked and observed to see if he/she has, or is perceived to have, any cold/flu symptoms such as; runny nose, coughing, body soreness, nausea, etc, within the last 14 days.
  • Prior to each shift, the employee certifies that he/she is healthy by signing off on the      Health Check Form. By signing off on this form, the employee commits to following all serving and cleaning protocols outlined in this document.

We continue you to update and promise to enforce all protocols. Our product never comes in contact with our staff and is extremely  safe.