FAQs Kurbside Kona

Why must I pay $20 and is it non-refundable?

All of the money is credited toward the purchase of Kona products.  Any amount over $20 that is spent will be collected by our Kona staff at the conclusion of your visit. (debit/credit preferred)  It is non-refundable to ensure the cost of brining the Kona Truck to your house is covered and with high demand we must ensure we are holding delivery slots for only those who are serious.

How do I know what date Kurbside Kona will be in my area?

The most current information can be found on the Request Kurbside Delivery Form and our Facebook page. We service zip-codes on specific days and  are trying to add new ones soon.

When will I know what time my Kurbside Delivery will be?

Your delivery date is requested by filling out the Request Kurbside Delivery Form. Later you will be texted a one-hour delivery window by 8:00pm, one-day prior to your delivery date. On the day of delivery our Kona driver will text you again to let you know when they leave the delivery before you and that they are on the way to your house. Our delivery is approximately a 5-10 minute service.

How long will you stay at my house and how many people will you serve?

This delivery service is designed to be short stops at individual residences. Our serving time will be up to approximately 5-10 minutes.  We will serve as many as you like, but we encourage people to follow social distancing guidelines and to take turns coming up to the KONA serving window.

How can I be sure this is safe under the current environment?

Safety is a priority all the time, but we have implemented even stricter sanitation protocols to keep our customers and staff safe: (CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO)

Is there anything I can do to help Kona Ice North Houston continue to provide service in my area?

YES, we are a small business and like so many in these times can use all the help we can get. If you enjoy Kona Ice, we ask that you please share our Facebook and Website with your friends that live locally. We look forward to earning your business and sincerely appreciate your support!

Do you provide KURBSIDE KONA sevice in inclement weather?

Yes, the Kona Ice Truck will provide service in most weather conditions. Though you may not cancel the delivery,  Kona Ice reserves the right to cancel if we feel it would be unsafe.  If Kona Ice cancels we will refund or reschedule the delivery.

What if I want to get information or book other types of events Kona Ice offers?

Kona Ice does all types of events! For more information on our Birthday Parties, Church, Corporate, School, Sporting, and Raising Money Events for a group, Please reach us at Info@KonaiceFun.com